Overview and Approach

In keeping with our aspirations for this project, we begin with a holistic overview of the fragmentation that exists within our community. The knowledge and experience of the community is scattered across multiple conferences, academic programs, and distribution channels. Potential collaborations fall through because of challenges in communication, exacerbated by technical jargon and the overuse of politicized terminology. We believe that this fragmentation undermines our ability to think big, design holistically, and evaluate broadly.

We focus on working with the community to generate actionable solutions to address the fragmentation. This includes community resources such as a typology of impact aimed at fostering collaboration around impact discussions, goals, and outcomes.

Our approach is iterative and our process is inclusive. Our resources and materials will be released in stages, allowing for input from the community. We look forward to hearing from everyone, from thought leaders and VIPs, to new members who are just making their entrance into the community.


Report #1: Impact with Games: A Fragmented Field

Current status: in draft, probably until May 2015.