Visualization ideas from Dot Connector Studio

We are collecting “tools to think with” for strategy with games and social impact.

Last week at G4C we met with Jessica Clark and Katie Donnelly and discovered some neat visualizations compiled by their Dot Connector Studio team, including some based on prior work from AIR, CMSI, TFI Interactive, etc., and reinterpreted (see their full overview).

Below are a few that we think might be useful for the #GameImpact project:

(1) Engagement Models — 10 different models with visuals.  See their full list (PDF).


(2) Partner Types — useful to resist simply “build it and they will come”!


(3) Roadmap for creating new projects — a great way to represent some of the “hooks and triggers” for strategic questions.  The focus here is on film, but much applies to games.  See also their full PDF.



Thanks again to Dot Connector Studio for sharing these!

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